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envision your future

College InSight is dedicated to helping motivated students gain admittance to the college or university where they can achieve extraordinary academic and social success.

Through a highly customized process, we help students identify their intellectual interests, hone their extracurricular activities, and maximize their academic potential. By limiting the number of students we advise, we ensure that our clients will get the interactive, personalized service and attention that they need.

We are also the parents of high school and college-bound students. We know the process, we know the stress, and we know the details.

Let us help you and your child navigate college admissions in a methodical, caring way. Equally important, let us remove the stress from your family, so your child can enjoy high school and you can enjoy your time with your child!

Student Looking at Building

“What can I say other than Michele is amazing. She gets my daughter; she is intuitive, looks to the future for us, and builds the path my daughter needs to achieve her ultimate goal.” 

—  Mother of Oxbridge Academy Student, Class of 2020

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