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our process

After an initial consultation and agreement on the appropriate counseling package, we spend time getting to know you and your child. We ask you to complete a parent and student profile detailing the student’s high school experience; this can include prior test results, transcripts, interests, and concerns.   


Once we get to know each other, we customize a plan for coursework, extracurricular and summer activities, testing and more. Our goal is to identify talents and passions and streamline activities and academic interests to be focused and relevant.


Your child can expect to have assignments, deadlines, and on-going communications with us. We are here to encourage students when things are going well and to provide guidance to them if and when things don’t go as planned.  


Most importantly, our goal is to make sure your child has an application that highlights strengths, uniqueness, and aspirations and presents them in a way that will best position them for success.  

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